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88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS: The Powerhouse Loyalty Program Amplifying Fan Engagement

Transforming music fans into a loyal community


At Hang, we pride ourselves on building innovative, next-generation customer engagement solutions that resonate with our partners and their audiences. Our recent collaboration with 88rising, a next generation music company described as a "hybrid management, record label, video production, and marketing company" is a testament to this commitment.

88rising represents artists from across Asia, hosts their own festival called Head In The Clouds multiple times a year, manages an eCommerce store called 88nightmarket, and much more. Together, we conceptualized and launched the 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program, a strategic initiative designed to elevate fan engagement across the vast 88rising ecosystem.

The Program

The 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program was crafted to reward fans for their interactions with 88rising across many platforms, spanning from purchasing artist merchandise and the label’s exclusive fashion collaborations across 88rising’s eCommerce store to attending Head in the Clouds festivals across the country.

The program's identity lies in the valuable and exciting rewards for fans that they can’t find anywhere else; fans unlock exclusive rewards in mystery boxes and through moving up the tiers by earning points. The tiered rewards program encompasses four distinct levels: Jade, Gold, Platinum, and Sky. As fans ascend these tiers, they are greeted with new rewards, including point multipliers, VIP access, free shipping, and exclusive products, to name a few.

Fans earn points in 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS through a variety of interactions with 88rising, including:

  • Purchasing merchandise on 88nightmarket.com

  • Buying festival tickets for Head in the Clouds

  • Referring friends to the program

  • Interacting with 88rising on social media

  • Completing curated quests

The breakdown of what fans can expect to unlock with their 88NIGHTMARKET status can be found below.

  • Jade (0+ PTS): Fans earn 1 point per dollar, which unlock exclusive gifts and gain fans access to special discounts.

  • Gold (500 PTS): Beyond the benefits of Jade, fans can access Gold Tier merchandise, enjoy VIP treatment during launches, and avail free standard shipping on orders exceeding $100.

  • Platinum (1,000 PTS): Platinum members earn 2 points per dollar, with the added advantage of Platinum Tier merchandise, early bird access to exclusive discounts, and free standard shipping on all their orders.

  • Sky (2,000 PTS): The pinnacle of the program, Sky members earn 3 points per dollar, are treated to Sky Tier merchandise, receive an annual $88 gift card, and unlock access to exclusive experiences, including backstage passes and coveted VIP invites.

Impact & Insights

The 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program soft launched on May 9th, 2023, just ahead of the Head In The Clouds festival at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York and saw immediate success in captivating and engaging fans.

Even more so at the Head in the Clouds festival in LA a few months later, REWARDS members were able to access exclusive prizes, earn points for engagement, access a priority line for merch, and enter to win Meet & Greets with the label’s artists. Outside of the festival, REWARDS members were able to access exclusive fashion launches earlier than everyone else.

88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS members have already proven to be immensely valuable to 88rising. A closer examination of data over the past three months of the program reveals that rewards members exhibit a purchasing frequency that is 14% higher than their non-rewards counterparts.

Furthermore, REWARDS members spend 9% more per order. This dual enhancement in frequency and order value translates to a commendable 24% growth in quarterly revenue. Customers who redeem their rewards are clearly among the most valuable to the brand, showing that redemption of rewards directly correlates to increased spending and lifetime value.

Moreover, comparing the cohort of fans who both attended a Head In The Clouds festival attendees and are also REWARDS members against the average customer, the group purchases 24% more frequently and spends 8% more per order. This synergy between festival attendance and rewards membership underscores a 35% growth in quarterly spend on eCommerce alone.

Capturing customers across interaction points and connecting their experience turns out to be a game-changing growth strategy.

One of the most striking revelations is that rewards customers are now the driving force behind nearly 50% of 88nightmarket’s revenue in the last 3 months. The program has both captivated newer fans to make their first purchases on 88NIGHTMARKET and converted existing customers into loyal members. And it doesn’t stop there – average weekly spend of rewards customers is continuing to increase, signaling sustained growth and engagement.

The 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program is still in its adolescence, but we’re encouraged by the results that we are already seeing from engaged members and are looking forward to finding more ways to enhance the fan experience.


The 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program, created in collaboration between Hang and 88rising, stands as a beacon of success in the realm of fan engagement and loyalty. Beyond mere numbers, it epitomizes the transformative power of innovative partnerships and the untapped potential of loyalty programs in the music and entertainment landscape.

Fans have proven that when there is a clear value prop and sense of community among a brand’s membership program, they are willing to take action and more actively engage.

For more information about Hang, sign up here to join our waitlist.

To check out 88rising, head over to their website here, and check out the 88NIGHTMARKET REWARDS program here.

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