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  • Flipkart sees over 95% engagement on quests with its Hang loyalty program 

Flipkart sees over 95% engagement on quests with its Hang loyalty program 

Learn how Flipkart partnered with Hang to create a loyalty program that uses personalization to increase rewards redemption by 23%.

  • 95%+ engagement rate on loyalty quests 

  • 3.5M+ new users 

  • 23% increase in rewards redemption 

  • 50%+ of users completed quests

“Hang understood our core thesis and brought great ideas to enhance it. Their team also had the technical talent to make those ideas a reality. We felt seriously confident in their process.”

Vivek Madani, Head of Flipkart-Polygon CoE


The Flipkart Group is one of India’s leading digital commerce entities and includes group companies Flipkart, Myntra, Flipkart Wholesale, Flipkart Health+, and Cleartrip. With a registered user base of more than 500 million, Flipkart's marketplace offers over 150 million products across 80+ categories. Today, there are over 14 lakh sellers on the platform, including Shopsy sellers. Flipkart is known for pioneering services such as Cash on Delivery, No Cost EMI, and easy returns, which are customer-centric innovations that have made online shopping more accessible and affordable for millions of Indians.


Flipkart wanted to reward loyal customers with a next-gen experience

Flipkart understands that its customers care deeply about their digital identities. As Vivek Madani, Head of Flipkart-Polygon CoE, puts it: “If people spend more time online than they spend IRL, they also want to own things digitally.”

That insight inspired Flipkart's vision for its new brand engagement and rewards program, which they hoped would address three main issues: 

  1. Classic loyalty programs aren’t engaging. Brands sold products successfully on Flipkart, but they sought a solution to drive engagement and retention— because many younger users find traditional programs boring. The only functionality is accumulating points and redeeming them for limited rewards. 

  2. Customers rarely redeem rewards and discounts. Brands give rewards out frequently, but users don’t care about them because they’re not personalized. Giving a suitable reward to the right user at the right time is critical for conversion. 

  3. Loyalty programs don’t create community. Brands spend serious cash on influencer marketing to try to create a sense of community, but the brand itself still lacks a relationship with its customers. 

As part of their pilot program, Flipkart offered an engagement quest. To say it was a success might be an understatement — users claimed 200,000 rewards. But Vivek and his team saw another opportunity. 

When Flipkart began looking for a partner to realize their vision, they found Hang. Vivek says he knew it was the right fit because Hang truly understood gamification, loyalty, and a great user experience. 

“Hang understood how to abstract the tech and focus on building meaningful, fun, rewarding user experiences. Their beliefs aligned with ours, and they had the technical team to boot, so we knew they were the right partner for us.”


Hang offered E2E support for Flipkart’s loyalty program 

Onboarding Hang was simple — their team sent a roadmap for the first three to four months and helped Flipkart integrate their APIs. From there, the teams worked together to create a mockup for the product. Here’s how Hang actualized Flipkart’s goals:

  1. The challenge-based program creates engagement. Customer interactions beyond product purchases incentivize participation. Mystery boxes provide exciting rewards, and some brands even set up fan and follower programs to increase retention. 

  2. Customer buy-in drives redemption. Earning mystery boxes is genuinely exciting, and there’s an entire rewards marketplace where customers can redeem treats that most appeal to them. One India Cricket challenge even included mystery boxes with Cricket World Cup Finals tickets!

  3. Brand-specific fan & follower programs create community. Users that “follow” brands on Flipkart receive brand follower badges and the earliest followers receive a reward, prompting more following. Doing so is the first step of the “fan challenge,” which ultimately yields brand-specific mystery boxes. 

“Hang was clearly deeply invested in the success of our product.”

Vivek says Hang was there for every step of the process, from figuring out core features to the ideal final version. Hang prioritized building and shipping their contributions to support Flipkart’s requirements. And with Flipkart’s team in India, and Hang’s in the US, the Hang team often worked late to ensure that campaign launches went smoothly.

Ultimately, Hang understood what Flipkart wanted to achieve and helped them make it a reality: an engaging, fun, rewarding loyalty experience. This collaboration enabled Flipkart to realize its vision: a dynamic and rewarding brand-engagement experience.

“Building this program felt like a true partnership. There were nights during festival sale periods in India when the Hang team was up in the US to ensure they could help troubleshoot in case anything went wrong as campaigns went live.”


Over 3.5 million members engage with Flipkart’s loyalty program

More than 20 brands like boAt, Xiaomi, and Mamaearth used the engagement quests from the program Flipkart created with Hang. 

What’s more, Flipkart transformed from a typical sales funnel into a destination by rewarding customers for engagement. 

And the results? The program created the flywheel effect and excitement Flipkart hoped, plus: 

  • 95%+ engagement rate on loyalty quests 

  • 3.5M+ new users 

  • 23% increase in rewards redemption 

  • 50%+ of users completed quests

Vivek says he’s intrigued by Hang’s ambitious vision for redefining loyalty, which is why he’s excited to continue the partnership — they’re making creative progress. 

“We’re India’s largest eCom destination, so we’re happy to power the brands that customers care about and help drive engagement and retention with our program. Meanwhile, Hang’s got the talent, and they’re doing the work.”

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