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Hang Launches Next Gen Loyalty Program with Roam Artisan Burgers

Revolutionizing restaurant rewards programs

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Roam Restaurant Group, the renowned artisan burger chain based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, we’re revolutionizing the restaurant loyalty landscape with a groundbreaking program that is the first of its kind.

A Seamless and Convenient Sign-Up Process

A rewards program should improve a customer’s experience in store, not weigh it down. That’s why it’s incredibly simple for Roam Artisan Burgers customers to sign up for the program. Customers can sign up and earn their first reward just by giving their phone number at checkout or by heading to the loyalty portal online – no clunky passwords required. Once signed up, customers can also add their Roam Rewards membership pass to their Apple Wallet for quick and easy access every time they visit.

“We wanted to prioritize convenience for our customers to incentivize engagement,” shared Matt Smolin, our CEO. “We’ve streamlined the sign-up process to ensure that joining the loyalty program takes nothing more than a few taps. Our focus is to make every interaction as seamless and fun as possible, allowing customers to savor the dining experience that Roam has to offer without any hassle.”

Gamification Features for Added Fun and Excitement

At Hang, our loyalty programs are more than just simple earn-and-burn rewards systems. We’ve taken a page out of the book of the most successful mobile games that keep customers engaged and entertained.

The Roam Rewards program is built around Mystery Boxes, which, much like loot boxes in gaming, contain a variety of rewards that guests have a chance to win – like free sides, drinks, burgers, catering, and more. With every purchase, customers earn points that unlock mystery boxes. Roam Rewards members can either choose to open their Mystery Boxes or save their points in order to upgrade their box to a higher level. Higher level boxes contain higher chances at more valuable rewards.

Through the program, customers are also encouraged to embark on alternative earning experiences through Quests. They can unlock mystery box upgrades and extra points by interacting with Roam in new ways, like trying all of the items on the seasonal menu or posting their burger to Instagram.

“We wanted to create a loyalty program that goes beyond the ordinary,” explained Lynn Gorfinkle, co-founder of Roam. “Hang’s innovative approach aligns with our brand values of fun, freshness, and creativity. We’re excited for our customers to experience the exciting and valuable features this program has to offer.”

Personalized Rewards for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Each customer is unique, with individual preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, and other needs. That’s why our platform goes beyond generic “mass market rewards” sent to everyone. As the program gathers more information on customer preferences, our system learns about individual members’ favorite products, locations, dietary preferences, and more, improving the experience over time.

Our goal is to enhance the overall dining experience by providing rewards that truly resonate with each customer. As a result, the value of rewards to customers is higher, and the average cost of rewards for the brand is lower, reducing overall waste from irrelevant and unredeemed rewards.

We believe that through all of this, we can create deeper connections and foster a greater sense of loyalty that, unlike loyalty programs of the past, extends beyond mere transactions.

Leading the Way to the Future

Roam Artisan Burgers is just one of what will soon be many restaurants built on Toast POS utilizing Hang to launch modern loyalty programs.

This partnership with Roam signifies a new era for the restaurant industry – one where traditional loyalty programs are being reimagined to engage customers on a deeper level and provide truly meaningful experiences.

By allowing customers to seamlessly access their rewards, incorporating elements of gamification, and offering personalized rewards, we’re transforming the ways people engage with their favorite brands.

Together with Roam Artisan Burgers and our future partners, we’re excited to shape the future of brand loyalty for the next generation of consumers.

Check out Roam here, and learn more about Hang here.

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