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Announcing Hang’s Integration with Square

Introducing our latest POS integration

New York, NY — Hang is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Square, a leader in digital payments & POS solutions, through our listing in the Square App Marketplace. This collaboration integrates Hang's cutting-edge loyalty and analytics platform with Square’s robust payment solutions, providing a seamless experience for both brands and their customers.

At Hang, we're committed to pioneering the future of customer loyalty by blending AI-powered personalization with immersive digital experiences and omnichannel capabilities. This partnership allows us to bring our innovative approach to a wider audience, leveraging Square's advanced payment technology to enhance every transaction with loyalty rewards that are both fun and valuable for consumers.

By integrating with Square, Hang can now offer brands an unparalleled ability to understand and serve their customers better, turning every purchase into an opportunity for engagement.

"We're excited to partner with Square and offer our mutual clients a more integrated and cohesive loyalty experience," said Matt Smolin, CEO of Hang. "This partnership is about more than just technology integration; it’s about creating a richer, more rewarding interaction every time a customer chooses to engage with a brand. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a multi-unit chain, or a full-service restaurant, we’re poised to transform how businesses connect with and understand their customers."

Through our Square Marketplace app, businesses using Square will be able to seamlessly integrate Hang’s loyalty programs into their existing workflows. This integration promises to enhance customer engagement by offering:

  • Personalized Rewards: Tailor-made offers that resonate with individual preferences and past purchasing behavior.

  • Digitally Immersive Experiences: Engaging loyalty program features like minigames, raffles, social competitions, mystery boxes, and more.

  • Enhanced Insights: Deeper analytics that merge transactional data with loyalty engagement metrics and data across all customer touchpoints to drive informed business decisions.

Already, several innovative brands have begun to see the transformative potential of combining Hang’s loyalty solutions with Square’s payment systems. Early adopters, like Boba Guys, have reported improved customer retention and increased visit frequency, with loyalty members visiting 244% more after joining the program compared to prior.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out more features and share success stories from brands that are leading the way in creating dynamic customer experiences. For businesses interested in leveraging the Hang-Square integration, visit our website or contact our sales team for more information.

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